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NS Drone Tour
by Mankato Saloio
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Virtual Tours

Historic Cemeteries - Landmarks - Historic Buildings

Click the link to Google Maps Button to view pictures and descriptions of local historic sites while walking, biking, driving or from the comfort of your home.  

Then click the layer for the district that you want to view.  

Nature and Heritage Walks

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2023  Schedule  

Meet at 9:30am  - Family Friendly - No one left behind - Visit NSHA Facebook Page for more details 

January 14:  Primrose & Grange Rd:  Sheldon Four Corners, NS19, Mathewson Homestead,   Malavery House; Durrans Farm NS20; Primrose Grange; NS30; Blackmar-Wing Farm ruins NS26 & 40.  Meet at NS High School tennis courts on Grange Road.


February 11:  Woonsocket Reservoir #3:   NS38 Oliver Smith Lot, Amasa Sweet Quarry, Great Wall, William Mowry Homestead, Obed Paine Homestead.  Meet at NS High School Tennis Courts on Grange Road.


March 11:  Union Village:  Great Road, Pound Hill Rd, Union Cemetery.  Meet at Union Cemetery, Smithfield Road.


April 8:  Pound Hill Road.  Meet at Union Cemetery (office).  Visit the Walter Allen House, Israel Aldrich Farm, Nathan Staples Farm, Nike Site,  

Luke Phillips House, Lovell Farm and Ballou Cemetery.

 May 13:  Crookfall Brook:  Woonsocket Reservoir #1 & Pump House, Woonsocket Reservoir #2 and Mill Site, Spring Brook.  Meet at Aldi’s parking lot at Dowling Village. 


June 10:  Waterford:  Coblin Rock, Mammoth Mills Ruins, Blackstone Canal, Waterford School, St. Paul’s Church Waterford RR Station, RR Fountain, Covered Bridge Site. Meet at Fire House Pizza parking lot, Great Road.


July 8:  Slatersville:  Main St. Green Street, Slatersville Mills, Centennial Park.  Meet at the Memorial Town Building. 1 Main Street.


 August 12:  Nipsachuck Legacy:  The Blunders, Nipsachuck National Battlefield & Black Plain Hill Stone Landscape, Three Dog Site, NS57.  Meet at the NS Middle School Parking lot, Providence Pike.


September 9:  Wunnashowatuckqut:  Old Harkness Rd, High Rocks Gorge, Colony Rd, and Stone Features.  Meet at the Forestdale School, 190 School Street.


October 14:  Wesquidomsett:   West Farm, NS 60, NS24, Tyler Mowry House, NS 32, Old Sayles Hill Rd, Rustic Drive-In, Milk Can; Paine Mill.  Meet at Aldi’s parking lot at Dowling Village.

November 19 (Sunday):  Woonsocket Hill:  Mowry Fire Tower, Philip Mowry House and NS47, National Grid stone features.  Meet at the NS Middle School parking lot.    


December 9:   Cedar Brook Legacy:  Todd’s Farm and Cedar Brook Cart Path, Meet at NS High School Tennis Courts on Grange Road.

Slatersville Documentary
Slatersville Season 1 Flyer SL-S1-Flyer.png

Click this link to go to RIPBS then open each episode sequentially starting with September 16, 2022.

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