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Annual Appeal

100% of public donations pay  for operating and historic preservation expenses. 


All donations and dues are tax deductible. 


Annual Appeal Components:  Board Giving; Public Giving and Corporate Giving.

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Board of Directors Giving Campaign

We ask members of the Board of Directors to make a meaningful contribution each year in January to set the example for public and corporate donors.  Their donations generally fund 20% of our essential operating expenses.

Public Giving Campaign

We appeal to our members and the public throughout the year to help fund our local historic preservation activities.    Last year, this campaign funded 20% of our essential operating expenses.

Corporate Giving Campaign

We ask local businesses to help fund major preservation projects.  Last year we conserved the Thomas Dorr and Metcalf Marsh portraits as well as conservation costs for the 1842 Dorr Rebellion Flag.  This year we hope to replace the cupola on the Heritage Hall at 101 Grange Street.  

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