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About Us

 Our organization is a fully volunteer, non-profit charity, founded in 1970, that strives to preserve and promote the culture, heritage and natural resources of North Smithfield, Rhode Island.  We currently enjoy a membership of over 180 people; mostly local but as far away as California.

  The Association strives to preserve and promote North Smithfield’s heritage.  Volunteers endeavor to identify, acquire, maintain, and preserve historic buildings and historic locations, as well as open them to the public. Additionally, members endeavor to preserve for posterity historic documents and photos, relics, landmarks, abandoned historical cemeteries, as well as objects of historical, educational, architectural, cultural, and aesthetic value related to the Town of North Smithfield, Rhode Island.


  The Association also maintains the largest archive of local historic documents, photos, and artifacts. 


  Our public outreach programs, newsletters and social media venues instill community appreciation for the town's unique and rich history.  



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