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Veronica Hutton photo album 1


The pictures below are scanned from a photo album that was donated to the association. The photos were taken by Veronica Hutton and show images of Veronica herself, family members and other local residents. Also of interest are pictures of some of the buildings at the corner of Pound Hill Road and Great Road as well as a picture of a tram that ran up Great Road.

Although not dated, there are some photos that are labelled Veronica Hutton and others that are labelled Veronica Lincoln (her maiden name). As we know that Veronica married Henry Hutton in 1916, we assume that the photos labelled Veronica Hutton, predate 1916

Note: There is a second album in our collection that focuses on the Slatersville Congregational Church Parsonage and the Rev Albert Darnnell and his wife. 

Click on any image to enlarge. After that, click on the arrow above and to the left to zoom in.

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