Archive Committee

Chairman - Al Menard

Acquires, catalogues, stores, and displays historic documents, relics, and other relevant information in accordance with standard and accepted archival practices.  Creates and stores a digital record of all Association collections and information.   Curates focused exhibits.   Digitizes collection materials for remote access via the internet.

Audit Committee

Chairwoman - Linda Rawlings

Conducts a quarterly review of Association financial accounts and transactions; prepares an Annual Report for the Board

Budget Committee

Chairwoman - Beth Faricy

Prepares and presents at the Annual Meeting a budget for the coming year, including anticipated revenues and expenses; provides a quarterly report to the Board in July, October, January, and April of each year that includes the balances for each budget item

Cemetery Committee

Chairman - Denis Chamberland

Oversees the restoration and maintenance of all abandoned historic cemeteries in the town; recruits volunteers and organizes volunteer activities; procures and maintains equipment and supplies; and coordinates Rhode Island Historical Cemetery Commission to update databases.

Development Committee
Chairwoman - Bill Nangle

Oversees fund raising campaigns to augment the Association’s operating budgets for the properties that it maintains; plans and executes an Annual Appeal and the Association’s Annual Heritage Gala.

Education Committee

Chairwoman - Jeanne Marion

Coordinates research and activities with the local schools; works with the Programs Committee to promote awareness of local culture and history.

Governance Committee
Chairwoman - Sarah McConnell Dubois

Reviews the governance structures, documents, and practices of the Association and reports its findings and recommendations to the Executive Board; educates and assists Board members and committee members to ensure effective decision-making and continuity within the Association; develops recommended governance policies and documents as may be necessary for the efficient and effective operation of the Association; serves as the Nominating Committee.

Grant Committee

Chairwoman - Beth Faricy

Seeks out and prepares all applications for grants to support the Association’s efforts to carry out its mission; files progress reports to the grantors as required. 

Information Technology Committee

Procures and maintains all Association information technology equipment and software, as well as all media equipment; manages and maintains the technical aspects of  all online accounts, including social media and websites; maintains Association information security and backup files for all digital information.  

Maintenance Committee

Chairman - Charlie Dubois

Maintains all buildings and grounds under the supervision of the Association; preserves the integrity of exterior building envelopes and repairs, as needed; maintains the operational efficiency of building systems through regular service and repair; coordinates with vendors for necessary deliveries and repairs; and coordinates ground maintenance and snow removal.

Marketing Committee

Chairwoman - Jen Bolduc

Markets and promotes the Association, as well as its products, activities, and programs, by creating and distributing press releases, flyers, banners, advertisements, and social media posts;  maintains and monitors the information and messages that are posted on the NSHA Facebook page and website.   

Membership Committee

Chairwoman - Martha Shean

Promotes and procures membership in the Association through various means, including social media, at public events, and Association activities; maintains the membership rolls of the Association; works with members to procure dues renewal.

Merchandise Committee
Chariwoman - Kim Leahy

Creates, procures, distributes, and sells Association merchandise, including the Annual Calendar

Preservation and Restoration Committee

Chairman - Jeff Harris

Promotes preservation of artifacts, buildings and locations of historical, cultural, or natural value;  plans and oversees restoration of properties owned or leased  by the Association.

Program and Hospitality Committee

Chairwoman - Freya Hainley

Plans, schedules, and executes programs for regular meetings, monthly historic nights, historic tours, and outreach programs.  

Property Rental Committee

Chairwoman - Louise VanHouwe

Manages the rental of Association property;  promotes rental opportunities via all forms of advertisement, including signs, brochures, and social media; updates Association calendar with scheduled rentals; receives all rental payments; ensures the readiness and cleanliness of all Association rental property and equipment; coordinates with Maintenance Director for repairs; and purchases supplies.  

Research Committee

Chairman Larry Smith

Conducts all manner of research related to local history and culture.  Locates and documents indigenous and colonial era stone features.