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Our Volunteers

Opportunities to volunteer abound.  We organize our volunteers into functional committees that work independently under the guidance of a team leader.  Committee chairpersons represent the teams on the Board of Directors. 


Teams work at mutually convenient times.  Since many of us are retired, most teams work during weekdays and weeknights.  However, several teams do work on weekends or at their convenience from home.  

Archive Committee
Chairman - Al Menard

Acquires, catalogues, stores, and displays historic documents, relics, and other relevant information in accordance with standard and accepted archival practices.  Creates and stores a digital record of all Association collections and information.   Curates focused exhibits.   Digitizes collection materials for remote access via the internet.

Audit Committee
Chairwoman - Linda Rawlings

Conducts a quarterly review of Association financial accounts and transactions; prepares an

Annual Report for the Board

Budget Committee
Chairwoman - Beth Faricy

Prepares and presents at the Annual Meeting a budget for the coming year, including anticipated revenues and expenses; provides a quarterly report to the Board in March, June, September, and December each year that includes the balances for each budget item

Cemetery Committee
Chairman - Kim Walker

Oversees the restoration and maintenance of all abandoned historic cemeteries in the town;

recruits volunteers and organizes volunteer activities; procures and maintains equipment and supplies; and coordinates Rhode Island Historical Cemetery Commission to update databases.

Development Committee
Chair  -  

Oversees fund raising campaigns to augment the Association’s operating budget that includes the Calendar and Annual Appeal. 

Education Committee
Chairwoman - Jeanne Marion

Coordinates research and activities with the local schools; works with the Programs Committee

to promote awareness of local culture and history.

Genealogy Committee
Chairwoman Lynne Pelletier

Identifies ancestors by tracing family lines of descent.  Uses data found on-line and in

various publications.  

Governance Committee
Chairwoman - Fred Grant

Reviews the governance structures, documents, and practices of the Association and reports its findings and recommendations to the Executive Board; educates and assists Board members and committee members to ensure effective decision-making and continuity within the Association; develops recommended governance policies and documents as may be necessary for the efficient and effective operation of the Association; serves as the Nominating Committee.

Grant Committee
Chairwoman - Beth Faricy

Seeks out and prepares all applications for grants to support the Association’s efforts to carry out its mission; files progress reports to the grantors as required. 

Housekeeping Committee
Chairwoman - Christine Dubois


Ensures all association buildings are kept clean and seasonally decorated

Information Technology Committee
Chairman - Fred Grant

Procures and maintains all Association information technology equipment and software, as well as all media equipment; manages and maintains the technical aspects of  all online accounts, including social media and websites; maintains Association information security and backup files for all digital information.  

Maintenance Committee
Chairman - Charlie Dubois

Maintains all buildings and grounds under the supervision of the Association; preserves the integrity of exterior building envelopes and repairs, as needed; maintains the operational efficiency of building systems through regular service and repair; coordinates with vendors for necessary deliveries and repairs; and coordinates ground maintenance and snow removal.

Membership Committee
Chairwoman - Martha Shean

Promotes and procures membership in the Association through various means, including social media, at public events, and Association activities; maintains the membership rolls of the Association; works with members to procure dues renewal.

Merchandise Committee
Chairwoman - Kim Leahy

Creates, procures, distributes, and sells Association merchandise, including the Annual Calendar

Preservation and Restoration Committee
Chairman - Jeff Harris

Promotes preservation of artifacts, buildings and locations of historical, cultural, or natural value;  plans and oversees restoration of properties owned or leased  by the Association.

Program and Hospitality Committee
Chairwoman - Freya Hainley

Plans, schedules, and executes programs for regular meetings, monthly historic nights, historic tours, and outreach programs.  

Publicity Committee
Chairman - Ron Lapierre  

Markets and promotes the Association, as well as its products, activities, and programs,

by creating and distributing press releases, flyers, banners, advertisements, and social

media posts;  maintains and monitors the information and messages that are posted on

the NSHA Facebook page and website.   

 Rental Committee
Chairwoman - Jeanne Marion

Manages the rental of Association property;  promotes rental opportunities via all forms of advertisement, including signs, brochures, and social media; updates Association calendar with scheduled rentals; receives all rental payments; ensures the readiness and cleanliness of all Association rental property and equipment; coordinates with Maintenance Director for repairs; and purchases supplies.  

Research Committee
Chairman Larry Smith

Conducts all manner of research related to local history and culture.  Locates and documents indigenous and colonial era stone features.  

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