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Historic Cemeteries

In August 2017, volunteers began to locate and restore abandoned historic cemeteries in town.  Currently, we located and photographed over 60 cemeteries.  We cut trees and brush in the most overgrown lots and two restoration teams began to repair and reset broken and fallen gravestones. The cemeteries need continual upkeep.  Come lend a hand if you enjoy the outdoors and like to work with your hands.  


In the Beginning

August 2017

Christine MacWilliams and Rich Keene met and began to clear trees and brush from the badly overgrown Hotchkiss Cemetery adjacent to the Union Cemetery on Smithfield Road.  The cemetery comprises over two acres of land.


Gradually, more volunteers began to join the group and work expanded to other cemeteries.  Denis Chamberland formed a crew for the cemeteries on Sayles Hill Rd and Iron Mine Hill Rd.  Soon after, the NSHA adopted the group.  

Photo on left:  Christine MacWilliams

Photo on right: Unknown, Lee Meyer, Denis Chamberland, Bob Morris and Janet Robidoux.

The team grew over the years.  Clearing and cleaning evolved to include gravestone repair and landscape maintenance.   

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Volunteers work weekly to maintain abandoned cemeteries throughout town.  Mother Nature is a relentless adversary!


Meanwhile three specially trained gravestone restoration crews have repaired and reset dozens of gravestones in 12 cemeteries in the past six years.  Much work remains.

We gratefully accept community service workers and one time volunteers.  Work at your own pace and at your own convenience!

Adopt a cemetery or a family plot in an abandoned lot.



Visit our Cemetery Team Facebook Page at

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