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Members Page

Annual dues cost $20 per member.  Seniors over 75 and students are free.  Dues renew January 1 each year.

Renew Dues via PayPal and Venmo

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Member Privilages

Members may attend all association meetings and participate in all association events and activities.

Members may vote in annual elections and on By-laws changes.   

By - Laws

National Park Service Volunteer Program

Volunteers may log the hours they contribute at association events and for other activities.  The Assn can apply logged hours toward matching grants.

NSHA 2024 Events and Activities Plan

January                 Annual Appeal (Board Giving) 

                                Membership Dues Renewal

March 22               St. Patrick’s Day Potluck (HH) Vernal Equinox        

April 14                 Historical Cemetery Month

May 27th               Memorial Day Parade – MTB Open House

June 22                  NSHA Dinner (Village Haven) Summer Solstice

July 6                     Heritage Day


September 14      NSHA Cookout (Fall Equinox)  

                     22      Pumpkinfest and 2025 Calendar



October 19           NS Spooky Spirits  

November 16       Holiday Shoppe - School

December 8          Holiday Shop II  

                    13       Annual Meeting and Potluck

                               Annual Appeal (Corporate and Public Appeals)

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