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Our History

Proudly serving the town of North Smithfield

                                                                                           The NSHA is a fully volunteer, non-profit charity, founded in 1970, that strives to preserve and promote the culture

                                                                                            and history of North Smithfield, Rhode Island.  The organization actively engages the community to gather and preserve

                                                                                            photographs, documents, and artifacts that tell our town's fascinating history.  Volunteers actively work to maintain

                                                                                            historic buildings and cemeteries as well as sponsor and co-host numerous community activities and events.


                                                                                           The NSHA established its first headquarters at the Forestdale Schoolhouse in 1970.  The headquarters moved to

                                                                                           Heritage Hall in 2019 after renovations were completed there.  A year later, the headquarters moved a final time to the

                                                                                           Memorial Town Building after the Town Hall moved to its new location at the former Kendall Dean School. 

Today                                                                               The NSHA remains a vibrant volunteer organization dedicated to preserving local history. 

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