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Historic Districts

and Places

Preserving the essence of our community 

To date, the town council has designated these local Historic Districts:  Slatersville; Union Village; "The Blunders"; as well as the Forestdale School as an individual district.   The NS Historic District Commission has jurisdiction over these districts. 

Thanks in large part to local historian, Walter Nebiker, The National Registry of Historic Places currently lists four local historic districts, three individual buildings and three places in North Smithfield.

National Registry of Historic Places

NRHP listed Historic Districts



Historic District

Front 1.jpg

Union Village

Historic District

Stamina Mill.jpg






Historic District

Wilkinson House.jpg


Old Smithfield Road

 Historic District

NRHP listed Historic Buildings

NRHP Listed Historic Places

Street view.jpg

Tyler Mowry House

108 Sayles Hill Road


Taft - Smith - Todd House

241 Greenville Road

House Front.jpg



William Mowry House

622 Greenville Road

Blackstone Canal

Blackstone Canal along Canal Street

201907 New Sign.jpg

Second Battle of Nipsachuck National Battlefield

20190928 Blunders 5.jpg



The Blunders

2023.01 - 2.jpg

Blackstone Canal along Canal Street

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