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2020 Board of Directors

First row :  Peter Hainley, Freya Hainley Beth Faricy, Jerry Faricy (deceased)  

Second row:  Jeanne Marion

Third row:  Ruth Pacheco, Natalie Norris, Jeff Harris, Jen Bolduc

Fourth row: Charlie Dubois, Denis Chamberland


Top row:  Louise Vanhouwe, Rich Keene, Linda Rawlings 

Missing:  Sarah McConnell Dubois, Bill Nangle, Jody Lamoureaux, Rachel Pecoraro, Doug Osier, Fred Grant, Larry Smith, Kim Leahy, Martha Shean, Al Menard, Christine Dubois


President:  Rich Keene

Vice President:  Peter Hainley

Treasurer:  Doug Osier

Assistant Treasurer:  Debbie Keene

Recording Secretary:  Rachel Pecaro

Corresponding Secretary:  Jody Lamoureux

Immediate Past President:   

At-large Director:  Ruth Pacheco

At-large Director:  Bob Mowry

At Large Director:  Sam Turco

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