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North Smithfield Schools


North Smithfield was originally divided into 11 school district, each with its own school house. The districts were created while North Smithfield was still part or Smithfield so some of the districts have numbers that appear to be out of sequence. 

District 1 - Mansfield

District 2 - Slatersville

District 3 - Branch Village

District 4 - Union Village

District 7 - Stables

District 8 - Aldrich

District 9 - Sayles Hill

District 10 - Mowry

District 11 - Andrews

District 27 - Remington

Distirct 34 - Waterford

The collection shows some of the old school buildings, their locations in 1870 and a selection of photos of students and teachers.

Click on any image to enlarge and get more information. After that, click on the arrow above and to the left to zoom in.

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