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Branch River Mill Pond in Forestdale

Natural Resources

Our town is blessed with an amazing landscape! 

The scenic Blackstone and Branch Rivers converge in the north near the spectacular High Rocks Gorge.  Natives called the place Wunnashowatuckqut, “the crotch of the river.”  In the west, three dams along the Branch River form the mill ponds of the Slatersville Reservoir.  A dozen prominent hills dominate the terrain including Woonsocket Hill (586’), the state’s second highest elevation. 

2023.02 Fort Wildlife Refuge.jpg

   Audubon Society
      Richard and Florence Fort
     Wildlife Refuge

1445 Providence Pike, North smithfield, RI

Over 200 acres of prime woodland and wetlands with several miles of well groomed trails.

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Booth Pond

Dowling Village

42 acres of woodlands and wetlands with well groomed trails.  View the Branch River Valley from the top of Pine Hill.


Access the trails from the condominiums parking lot at Dowling Village.  Dedicated parking.     

The Blackstone High Rocks  Gorge.png


Conservation Area

Over 140 acres of woodlands located on both sides of the Blackstone River with several miles of well groomed trails.

Access the east bank trails from Rolling Dam Park in Blackstone.

Access the west bank trails from Martha Road in North Smithfield.

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